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Elan the Presidential Project Sector 106 Gurgaon

About Elan The Presidential

One of India's most reputable, well-known, and quickly growing companies is the real estate developer Elan Group. Elan The Presidential has changed the way residential construction is done in Gurgaon, and the gathering had a big hand in those changes..

Elan Group is one of India's real estate developers with the most rapid growth. The business has pledged to assist in building the nation so that it can significantly increase the value of its land. What could possibly be superior to a home built by a well-known and reliable architect? Residents of Elan will enjoy a long list of conveniences, the newest creation from the Elan Group is the Presidential 106. The most important components of the system, as seen in the developer's stunning project, are its careful planning, thought-out design, and flawless execution.

Luxury apartments can be found in Sector 106 of Gurugram, which is close to the Dwarka Expressway. Elan Group, the rumoured developer, is renowned for its top-notch properties and steadfast reputation. The Group provides top-notch facilities and amenities to ease your life. The development offers luxurious apartments in a range of sizes.

Elan The Presidential Sector 106 is the best place to start if you want to secure a property that is ideal for you. With all of your needs being satisfied, you can unwind completely. If you move forward with the innovation, both you and your family will benefit in the long run. It's simple to travel there thanks to the development's proximity to the Dwarka Expressway.

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Elan the Presidential Nearest Location

● With the Dwarka Expressway, Elan 106 is connected.

● This area of the city is green.

● Easily accessible from IGI Airport.

● These include Amity University, St. Xavier's School, Delhi Public School, and other nearby universities.

● Easy accessibility to renowned medical facilities like Rockland, Medanta, Park Hospital, etc.

● Sapphire Mall, Inox, Eros Corporate Park, and other locations are close to entertainment hubs.

● The presence of public amenities like grocery stores, gas stations, bank ATMs, and shopping malls is advantageous for Elan Sector 106 Residency.

Why ElanPresidential is more attractive?

One of Gurugram's most opulent buildings is the New Project Elan Sec 106 Gurgaon. The benefit they receive from the New Project Elan Sec 106 Gurgaon location is what spurred them to make the choice. Moreover, the exclusive location where you will profit the most. Additionally, Elanthe Presidential Sector 106, a project area, is close to a lot of commercial and retail areas.

The city's green belt is located in Area 106. From New Project Elan Sec 106 in Gurgaon, the subway is conveniently located. Local entertainment options are also available to Elan 106 Sector 106 Gurgaon residents. It has connections to numerous underprivileged communities in addition to the subway route. You can get to the IGI Airport by car in a short time. Near several commercial areas is Elan Sector 106. Additionally, the Chirag Hospital and the Gautam Hospital are nearby.

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The Elan Group is currently working on five more projects in the Gurgaon area after completing three of them.

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Main attraction of Elan

Elan Group, one of the companies with the fastest growth, is among the most well-known developers of residential properties in India.

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Amenities and Perks

This is the best project for you if you're looking for luxurious homes to rent. It's because you'll have access to everything you require.

The layout of Elan Presidential

Because Elan Group is a reputable developer who can anticipate future development needs, Elan chose this advantageous and expensive location to create a luxurious environment for customers. In 18 towers with a total height of 38 floors, this residential project offers 1800 units in various sizes and configurations. With only 59 units built per acre, they are using a low-density concept. The best residential apartment for future high-end living is Elan Presidential 106. Elan Group will provide every daily need with comfort in this building, Elan Presidential 106, located close to the Dwarka Expressway Road and spread over 30 acres of land.

Amenities of Elan Presidential


Luxury Swimming Pool

The project's beauty is being enhanced by the luxury swimming pool. Residents are free to swim whenever they want and concentrate on staying healthy.



The cafeteria is intended as a meeting place and conversation area for business people. The cafeteria outlets are very attractive and have appealing interior designs.


Badminton Court

There is also a badminton court available if you are the type of person who enjoys playing on the weekends. Making memories while playing badminton with your friends and loved ones is possible.


Kids Play Area

Children enjoy playing a variety of games, so we have a kids' play area for them. To play with the other children, they will receive various rides and toys.


Cycling Track

Children enjoy playing a variety of games, so we have a kids' play area for them. To play with the other children, they will receive various rides and toys.


Jogging Track

There is also a separate jogging track available; all you need to do is visit it each day and jog on it. There is a large jogging track where many people can run simultaneously.

FAQ of Elan the Presidential

1. Where is The Elan Presidential located?

Ans: Sector 106, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram, is the location of Elan Presidential, which is close to the city's major attractions.

2. How much does Elan Presidential cost?

Ans. ElanThe Presidential starts at 3.62 Cr* and goes up from there. ElanThe available sizes, launch price, and overall project cost were all mentioned in the Presidential price list for the new Elan product.

3. What is ElanThePresidential's total square footage?

Ans. 40 acres of land make up the ElanPresidential. Download the Elan Presidential floor plan to get a better idea of the size of the apartments and the carpeting.

4. How far along is the Elan Sector 106 Project?

Ans. Elan Group has just unveiled The Presidential, a new development that is situated in Sector 106 of Gurgaon's Dwarka Expressway. Pre-book to receive a special introductory offer.Ans. Elan Group has just unveiled The Presidential, a new development that is situated in Sector 106 of Gurgaon's Dwarka Expressway. Pre-book to receive a special introductory offer.

5. What information about the Elan Presidential Clubhouse & Towers?

Ans. The spa, gym, yoga room, and other luxuries are all available at the Elan Presidential clubhouse, and the tower lobby and common areas were designed by renowned architects.

6. How do Elan Presidential Updates work?

Ans. Elan Group, a well-known developer in the real estate industry, is well-known for its top-notch services and is frequently in the news whenever they offer something new.